Stop Wracking Your Knuckles: How To Care For Your New Wheel Gun


Whether you own an auto shop, or you work on cars as a hobby, you need the right tools. One tool that every mechanic should have is a wheel gun, especially if you're tired of fighting with lug nuts that refuse to budge. One stuck lug nut can hold you up for hours, and lead to unnecessary frustration. Not to mention, the damaged knuckles you'll get from scraping the across the concrete, or hitting them up against the wheel well when your hand-operated tools fail.

12 October 2017

Tips For Picking The Best Possible Racing Fuel


If you have a vehicle that needs racing fuel, you will want to make sure that you are putting forth the effort to select the best possible one for your vehicle. By reviewing the following information, you should have an easy enough time finding the best racing fuel. Go for the Higher Octane The higher the number on the racing-fuel pump, the higher the octane, which is what you want to put in your race car.

4 October 2017