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3 Modifications to Turn Your Jeep Into a Mean "Mad Max" Machine


Out of all contemporary vehicles, the Jeep Wrangler is doubtlessly one of the ones that would look most at home in a "Mad Max" movie. It's big, tough, retro, and its aesthetic is rooted in military design. However, if you really want your Jeep to seem like it's something out of the "Mad Max" wasteland, there are a few simple mods you can perform to transform the way it looks.

Off-Road Wheels and Tires

Car and truck enthusiasts often say that wheels make or break the look of a vehicle. Your stock wheels aren't nearly aggressive enough to pull off a "Mad Max" aesthetic. Replacing them with a wide set of mean-looking off-road wheels from a company like Elite Wheel & Tire Distributors will transform your ride and make it look like it's poised for battle. 

When it comes to Jeeps, tires are just as important to complete the aggressive battle-ready look. The smooth all-season stock tires simply appear too civilian. Strap a set of thick mud tires onto your new off-road wheels to make your Jeep look like it's ready to tackle the desert in a "Mad Max" apocalypse.

Make sure you buy five wheels and tires so you can bolt a full-size spare onto your rear tire mount. Your Jeep will truly look intimidating with set of gnarly, deep-treaded tires sticking out past the fenders and a fifth one strapped to its back. Plus, if you get stuck in a snowstorm or if you ever decide to do some mudding, the off-road wheels and tires will significantly improve your Jeep's performance.

Stinger-Style Front Bumper

One of the most iconic scenes in the newest "Mad Max: Fury Road" movie is when the character Nux is hot-rodding into the desert with Max chained to the lancer's perch on the front of his car. Obviously, installing a giant perch on the front of your Jeep wouldn't be road legal. The next best thing is a stinger-style front bumper.

Stinger bumpers are one of the most popular cosmetic modifications for Jeeps. They consist of a big triangular tubular frame that juts out at an angle from your stock bumper, generally rising just above the height of your hood. Once you get it installed, your Jeep will be reminiscent of Nux's hot rod charging into battle. Just don't chain anyone to the front of it while you're driving down the road.

Paint It Black

Matte black is the unofficial color of the "Mad Max" universe. Not only is it the color of Max's iconic Intercepter, it also just looks plain tough. To complete your aesthetic, paint your Jeep with a flat black rubber coating spray such as Plasti Dip or one of 3M's undercoating products. It will make your Jeep look like it's wearing blacked-out armor, and it'll also protect your stock paint job from rock chips. Plus, unlike conventional paint, you can peel the coating off if you get tired of the look one day, and your stock paint will be unscathed.


17 November 2017