Acquiring Auto Parts For Your Car's Braking System

Hey there, my name is Nicky Miller. Welcome. I am here to talk to you about finding the right auto parts before performing brake maintenance and repairs. The braking system on your vehicle allows you to easily scrub off speed and come to a safe stop on demand. Without properly operating components, your vehicle may fail to slow down and end up involved in a collision. By reading my site on a regular basis, you can learn how to acquire the best parts for your vehicle’s unique braking system. Please come back anytime to learn more about this important topic. Thank you.

Bringing Big Red International Tractors Back From The Dead: 3 Tips To Restoring Antique Tractors


Cars are not the only types of vehicles or machinery that get restored. Many old tractors are becoming enjoyable restoration projects for enthusiasts. There are some aspects of restoring a tractor that are challenging, while some are simple. If you are planning on restoring a tractor, you will want to know a few good tricks. Here are a few tips that will help you with your tractor restoration project:

1. Restoring or Replacing Old International Farmall Engines

One of the greatest things about old tractors is that they are basic and use various engine platforms. If you are restoring a small tractor, such as the International/Farmall Cub; small 4-cylinder engines and parts will not be too difficult to find. If you are restoring one of the larger models, you may have to consider alternatives for the original engine if it needs to be replaced; or you can salvage what you can from the original block and completely rebuild it.

2. The Essential DIY Parts That You Need to Figure Out with Tractor Restorations

While the simple design of old tractors makes them attractive for restoration projects; they do not come without their problems. On many older model tractors, you will need to do some of your own parts, such as using a mason-jar for starters, relocating poorly located exhaust pipes or installing aftermarket radiators and auxiliary fans. Talk with an International Farmall tractor parts dealer about original factory designs.

3. Paint It Red With A Few Specs of White For An Original Looking Paint Job

Just like with any auto restoration, the final step to complete your tractor will be the paint. For an authentic looking restoration, you want to match the original factory paint. With International Tractors, the paint was red with small details like lettering in white. Talk with an International tractor parts dealer about getting the right paint for the final touches of your restoration project. If you want to add a little personalized, custom touch, use the white paint to add your name, numbers and other details you want to add. In addition, you may want to clean up any old attachments that you have around and paint them to match your restored International tractor.

These are a few tips that are going to help you with your tractor restoration project. Contact a parts service like Bub's Tractor Parts to get help with your restoration project and make your machine ready for working the fields once again. 


26 October 2017