Acquiring Auto Parts For Your Car's Braking System

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2 Tips For Buying A Used Radiator Cap For Your Car


After your car's engine runs for more than a few minutes, you may have noticed steam coming out from under the hood. Upon investigation, you may have found that the steam is coming from the radiator cap that either has a crack in the top or has a damaged seal. 

If the cap is damaged, you will need to replace it as soon as possible to prevent loss of coolant and problems with the engine overheating. If you have decided to buy a used radiator cap, use the following tips below when you go to the used parts shop and make your selection.

1. Take the Old Radiator Cap for Comparison with the Used One

One thing you should do when purchasing a used cap for your car's radiator is to take the old one with you. When you replace a radiator cap, the replacement must be the same size and shape as the damaged one.

It also needs to have the same pressure rating, which is typically documented on the top surface of the cap. If a cap with the incorrect rating is used, it will either allow steam to escape if too low or cause damage to the radiator if too much pressure is allowed to build up.

If you know that the radiator is the original one, also having the car's vehicle identification number (VIN) number can help the sales representative assist you with selecting the appropriate one for your car.

2. Check the Seal of the Used Cap Carefully

Once you have figured out which used cap is a perfect match for your radiator, the next thing you should do is check the seal. The seal is located just under the top of the cap.

While examining the seal, look for any discolorations on the surface, gaps, or visible tears. Ask the used parts associate to help you inspect the seal. Doing so can help you sure that there is no damage that could cause the release of steam and prevent the appropriate amount of pressure from building up inside the car's coolant system.

Before you leave to purchase a used radiator cap for your vehicle, remove the old one so you can take it with you for comparison. After you are confident you have selected the right one, carefully check the seals to ensure they are not damaged and can withstand the pressure from the radiator's hot coolant. If you need assistance with making your selection, speak with the sales associate at a shop offering automotive used parts.

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31 October 2022