Acquiring Auto Parts For Your Car's Braking System

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What Are the Advantages of Junking an Old Car?


If you've got an old, unused car sitting on your property, then you'll typically have three paths to turn it into cash: trade it in, list it privately, or sell it to a scrapyard. Many people prefer the first two options, but selling to a junk buyer can have significant advantages. Understanding these benefits can help you make a more informed decision while getting rid of that old car more quickly.

Junking vs. Trading In

If you're in the market for a new vehicle, then you may be thinking about trading your old junk car to a dealership. This strategy is often the best approach for vehicles with significant value, but it may be a mistake when dealing with an old clunker. Dealership trade-in values are always lower than private sale values, and many dealerships may not even accept non-running cars or ones in very poor condition.

Additionally, there may be extra costs when bringing your old car to the dealership. If it doesn't run, you'll need to tow it to the dealership's lot. You may also need to replace a few items, such as flat tires or anything that prevents the car from rolling freely. On the other hand, junk buyers will usually arrange a tow for you, and they have experience hauling that cannot move under their own power.

You may even get more money for your car from a junk buyer. Dealerships only care about the resale value of a car, which may be low or non-existent for anything well past its prime. Junk car buyers are interested in metal scrap and parts value, however. If your car is worth more as salvage than transportation, then a scrapyard can often make a better offer.

Junking vs. Private Sales

Are private sales better than trade-ins for old clunkers? It depends. It may be challenging for a typical economy or family car to find buyers interested in a fix-er-up project. If there's nothing special or unique about your vehicle, then you may not have much luck offloading a non-running or damaged car on the private market.

Private sales also require a significant amount of prep work and effort. You'll generally need to clean the car and ensure that buyers can easily remove it from your property. This extra effort may not translate into much money for cars with little or no resale value. Even worse, you may need to list your car for weeks or months before you find a willing buyer.

Junking your car for cash solves most of these problems. You won't need to do any extra prep work, and you may even be able to arrange a pick-up in less than a week. If you want cash for junk cars, contact junkyards or other car-buying services to learn more. 


1 June 2021