Information You Need To Gather Before Buying Spark Plugs


Modern vehicles are powered by combustion engines. For these engines to start up, they need access to a spark that can ignite the fuel source. Spark plugs are the auto parts that provide this important initial spark. Purchasing new spark plugs for your vehicle on a regular basis will ensure proper performance. Here are three key pieces of information that you need to gather before buying spark plugs to ensure you purchase the right parts to maximize your vehicle's performance in the future:

14 November 2017

Have A Junk Vehicle? Learn How To Get Cash For It And Get A Better Vehicle


Is your car no longer working? You may consider the vehicle a piece of junk, but there's a good chance you can still get some cash for it. If you're going to need a new vehicle to get around, but you're worried about not having enough money to afford another one, you should try to sell your junk vehicle and then go from there. It may be possible for you to get a car at a reasonable price.

5 November 2017

4 Hydraulic Hose Tips For Safety And Efficiency


For any hydraulic system, safety is a primary concern. This is true when it comes to every segment of these systems, including the hydraulic hoses. Make sure you know what measures you need to take to ensure an optimal level of safety and operation. Keep Inspections a Priority Make it a priority to inspect your hoses. A crucial part of this process is to check the condition of the hoses on a consistent basis, such as once every month.

1 November 2017

Bringing Big Red International Tractors Back From The Dead: 3 Tips To Restoring Antique Tractors


Cars are not the only types of vehicles or machinery that get restored. Many old tractors are becoming enjoyable restoration projects for enthusiasts. There are some aspects of restoring a tractor that are challenging, while some are simple. If you are planning on restoring a tractor, you will want to know a few good tricks. Here are a few tips that will help you with your tractor restoration project: 1. Restoring or Replacing Old International Farmall Engines

26 October 2017

Salvage Yards Are Not Just A Place For Spooks And Demons: You Can Find Great Car Parts There


If you watch any kind of horror movie you have seen many scenes take place in a salvage yard. It may be a villain chasing someone with a chainsaw or spooks or demons chasing people. You do not have to worry about this, however, because even if ghosts and demons are there they only come out at night. You can visit the salvage yard in the daytime and find many treasures that you can use to repair a car or motorcycle.

17 October 2017

Stop Wracking Your Knuckles: How To Care For Your New Wheel Gun


Whether you own an auto shop, or you work on cars as a hobby, you need the right tools. One tool that every mechanic should have is a wheel gun, especially if you're tired of fighting with lug nuts that refuse to budge. One stuck lug nut can hold you up for hours, and lead to unnecessary frustration. Not to mention, the damaged knuckles you'll get from scraping the across the concrete, or hitting them up against the wheel well when your hand-operated tools fail.

12 October 2017

Tips For Picking The Best Possible Racing Fuel


If you have a vehicle that needs racing fuel, you will want to make sure that you are putting forth the effort to select the best possible one for your vehicle. By reviewing the following information, you should have an easy enough time finding the best racing fuel. Go for the Higher Octane The higher the number on the racing-fuel pump, the higher the octane, which is what you want to put in your race car.

4 October 2017